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Chorus Expandable CD/DVD Automated Duplication System

Chorus Expandable CD/DVD Automated Duplication System
Expendable up to 7 client units.
Weight 41.60 lbs
Input 30 discs / per client (closed) - 100 discs / per client (with extension rods)
Output 30 discs / per client - 100 discs / per client (with support box)
Media Type Industry standard 120 mm disc
Write Speed DVD: 20x (16x)
CD: 40x
Package Master
  • Power Cord (70±1 inches)
  • Operation Manual


  • Connection Cable (NB15)
  • Spindle Box
  • Alignment Pad
  • Legs
  • Operation Manual
Warranty 1 year warranty
Our price: $1,995.00
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Expandable Output Rate and Disc Capacity

Nimbie Chorus System is an automatic duplication system with expendable output of 7 writers and 700 disc capacity. One master unit can be connected with up to 7 client units. You may start with one client unit and gradually add more units to increase the production rate and disc capacity. Compare to traditional auto duplicators require high initial investment, Nimbie Chorus System is the ideal choice for disc duplication professionals with on-growing businesses.



LCD Display Control Panel

Equipped with LCD display, Nimbie Chrous provides a user friendly interface for easy operation.



Time saving loading and unloading mechanism

Traditional auto-loaders use a robotic arm which moves back and forth to pick up, load and unload discs one at a time. Nimbie employs independent loader and unloader eliminating redundant arm movements, shortening the cycle time, and increasing the production.



Blu-ray Support for High Capacity Beyond DVDs

Nimbie Chorus comes with Blu-ray support. One Blu-ray disc can store up to 25GB of digital data or 4 hours of high definition video. [1]



Simple and Easy Operation

Nimbie Chrous System is a standalone disc duplication system, no PC connection required. Multiple different image files can be stored on the built in HDD and used to make copies as you desire.



Built-In HDD for File Storage

Multiple different image files can be stored and easily managed. Unwanted images can also be erased to free up HDD space.



Verify and Compare

Nimbie Chorus System provides functions such as Verify and Compare. Users can utilize the two functions to ensure the quality of copies.



Error Disc Detection

Nimbie Chorus would stop automatically after a set amount of bad copies has been detected, preventing blank discs being wasted on bad copies.



Erase Re-writable Discs Automatically

Nimbie Chorus System can be used to erase multiple unwanted re-writable discs, the discs can then be used again as blank discs.



Sleep Mode to Save Energy

Nimbie Chorus can be set to enter Sleep Mode to prevent unnecessary energy waste.




  1. Nimbie Chorus Client NB15-BR supports Blu-ray.



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