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Sidekick Accessories

Sidekick automates disc labeling with standard Epson inkjet printers, no modification is required. Combine with Nimbie USB plus to burn and print disc in one seamless process as an all-in-one disc publishing system.


Cricket 805

Cricket 805 is an addon device for Epson L805 to work with Sidekick NK50V.

save 17%
MultiNK50V Software for 6 Nimbie Sidekick Operation

Advanced software for running up to 6 units of Nimbie Sidekick NK50V simultaneously on one PC.

save 27%
VividShine Inkjet Printable DVD-R 50pcs

5760 dpi Ultra High Resolution, 50x More Water Resistant!

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Disc Caddy for Nimbie Sidekick Auto Printing System

Disc caddy replacement for Nimbie Sidekick.

Quick Stand (Complete Set)

Quick Stand for Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y System and printer.

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NK50YtoV Conversion Kit for Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y

Convert Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y System to NK50V auto disc loader.

save 22%